What's Doug Doing?
Conductor Douglas M. Carothers

A Southern California native, Douglas M. Carothers is an
up-and-coming young conductor/composer who believes in bringing
the symphonic traditions outside of the box by experimenting with
new and creative ways to bring the symphony to people who would
normally not seek it out.

His career spans multiple orchestral and choral groups across the
nation; from Massachusetts and New York to Oregon and California.

"As a young composer and conductor, it is my passion to expand
repertoire past the standard fare of most orchestras and mingle the
common with the unexpected, the sacred with the profane. I believe
post-Romantic repertoire is imperative to our cultural ethos, but it
should not be forced, rather gently administered to audiences with
temperance and perspective."
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The website of Conductor Douglas M. Carothers & MuGuysic Publishing
MuGuysic Publishing & Engraving

MuGuysic Publishing & Engraving is the exclusive publishing house
for the musical works of Douglas M. Carothers
. (It gets its name
from "guy in music.")
 From orchestral to solo works, Guy in Music's
catalogue is available upon request by

MuGuysic Publishing also offers competitive rates for score
engraving for other composers or musicians. From simple jobs such
as transposing a solo work, to completely engraving symphonic
scores and parts, no job is too big to handle.

MuGuysic's engraving services have been utilized by:

  • The American Symphony Orchestra
  • Maestro Harold Farberman, Composer
  • Dr. Ronald Kean, Composer
Bakersfield Ecumenical Baroque
Orchestra (BEBO)

BEBO's mission is to bring quality orchestral baroque music to the
spiritual community of Bakersfield.
It welcome solicitations to play at
any church, chapel, synagogue, mosque or any place where many
gather to worship.

BEBO's first performance took place on December 2nd, 2012, at First
United Methodist Church
in Bakersfield. The concert featured two
concerti by Corelli and his student Locatelli.

The next performance
, titled "Neapolitan Trumpet," will feature
works of Germany, France, and Italy.